If you have noticed cracking in your concrete foundation, basement walls, or driveway, concrete stitching may be the best way to repair these issues. At Rock Structure Repair we will use our more than 17 years of experience and expertise in the industry to derive the best solution to repair your concrete cracks. Concrete stitching is applicable for a number of situations where strengthening joints or cracks are required. There are two types of concrete stitching: the first is cross stitching and the second is slot stitching. Each is beneficial in its own way. Cross stitching is the most common way of concrete stitching; its deformed tie bars are epoxied or grouted into holes that are drilled at an angle through the crack. Slot stitching also uses deformed tie bars grouted into slots cut across a joint.

About the Process

Concrete stitching is an effective rehabilitation technique that can improve your Little Rock, AR, home’s curb appeal and boost its value. The concrete crack stitching may be labor-intensive but prevents cracks and fractures from redeveloping in the future. Stitching of concrete cracks also prevents current fractures from becoming a structural issue. Although many people attempt to caulk and paint over cracks, this doesn’t fix the problem. Instead, it will become more severe over time. Concrete crack stitching performed by professionals is a long-term solution that helps you avoid expensive repairs in the future. Concrete crack repair by stitching not only yields better results but fully restores the concrete. The high-strength structural epoxy used when stitching cracks in concrete is permanently in place to avoid future repairs. In addition, it provides guaranteed strength because the epoxy will never shift or move in the future. In addition to the different types of stitching, we also strengthen walls and foundations with a stabilization system that utilizes a Carbon Fiber/Kevlar grid. This system provides strength to walls or foundations to which it is applied. A foundation that has our carbon fiber grids installed is more than three times stronger than without them. Our grids are not just strong – they also do not rust, stretch, or move over time.

For Walls and Fences

With concrete repair in north Arkansas, you can restore the appearance of a wall or fence and make it look new again. The masonry and mortar bed joints will look new again and regain their strength, preventing further damage from occurring. The complexity of this type of repair requires the help of experts in Little Rock, AR, who have a high level of training and professional equipment without disturbing the surrounding surfaces. A crack home cross stitch is beneficial because it’s a resilient, cost-effective solution.

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