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We at Rock Structure Repair know the frustrations when you start to see issues with your home. Are you noticing water is getting through and making a mess out of everything in your basement? If so, we would recommend building a retaining wall.

With over 17 years of experience in the industry, we are a locally owned, and committed to helping you find the best solution!

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Whatever the cause of your home’s problems, Rock Structure Repair has the solution!

Every one of our walls supports a ‘wedge’ of soil. The wedge is defined as the soil which extends beyond the failure plane of the soil type present at the site, and that can also be calculated once the soil friction angle is known.

There are many different retaining walls styles. We offers gravity walls, piling walls, cantilever walls, and anchored walls. We will work with you to select the style that will best fit your needs.

Regardless of why you’re experiencing a problem, Rock Structure Repair conducts a thorough inspection and we’ll let you know exactly what steps need to be taken to restore value to your greatest investment.

Best bang for the buck I’ve experienced in years. From my initial phone call to the timely completion on the project I was impressed with the friendliness, professionalism, dedication, and hard work of everyone involved. I give my highest recommendation without any reservation. I feel extremely lucky to have found them. Need this kind of work – choose them. You won’t be sorry! Dr. Ken Martin, Malvern, AR. – Ken M. in Malvern, AR
Actually ended up having a french drain with sump pump and two downspout extentions installed instead of the retaining wall upon recommendation of this company. I appreciated that Rudy took time to evaluate the situation and listen to concerns regarding the problem. All of the workers were very professional, courteous. Excellent workmanship. Didn’t have to worry about any clean up. Very pleased with the outcome and will use them again if situation arises. – Homeowner in Bryant, AR
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