Foundation Repair CompanyFoundation Repair Foundation problems can be caused by a variety of issues ranging from water and soil issues to even landscaping. We specialize in Foundation Repair and will let you know the exact steps that need to be taken in order to stabilize your home.

drainagerepair01Drainage Solutions If you have noticed drainage problems or standing water around your home or on your property, our technicians can work with you on a drainage solution that will best fit your needs and situation.

house-leveling12House Leveling A foundation that has become uneven, for whatever reason, can cause a host of problems within your home. We specialize in House Leveling that will bring your home’s foundation back to its original level.

waterproofing01Basement Waterproofing Your basement can provide the extra living space that you need for a recreation room, entertainment room or family area. Of course you will want to have the peace of mind that your basement will stay dry for years to come.

retainingwall04Retaining Wall Installation & Repair If water is getting through and making a mess out of everything in your basement, a retaining wall could be the solution to the problem. This structure is specifically designed to resist the lateral pressure of soil or in some cases, water pressures.

Remodeling & Painting From time to time, your needs and situations change, and your home should be able to accommodate those needs and situations. We are here to help you with remodeling your home to suit your family and lifestyle. Painting is one way to update your home and make it more enjoyable for your family. Rock Structure Repair can help you update your home and give it that picture perfect look that you need!

Concrete Work Cracks in your home’s sidewalks, driveway, or other concrete surfaces can be unsightly and inconvenient. Our technicians can determine the best way to repair your concrete cracks and will even pour a new driveway if needed!

Concrete Stitching & Repair Concrete stitching is often the best way to repair cracks in your home’s foundation, basement walls, driveway, or other concrete surfaces. In addition to cross stitching and slot stitching, we strengthen walls and foundations with a Carbon Fiber/Kevlar grid system.

Slabjacking/Mudjacking Slabjacking, also referred to as mudjacking or concrete lifting, is a process of lifting concrete slabs that have settled. This is accomplished by drilling holes through the slab and pumping a sand/cement mixture under the slab.

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